PhonePicsHfx is a side project combining 30 years of business printing at Print Pro Business Forms and passion for photographing places around Nova Scotia.
We Nova Scotians love telling people about our province. We are proud of where we live. At a time when travelling is curtailed, these products may
be especially enjoyable to have for your own enjoyment or to share as gifts. Some or all profits from Phone Pics Hfx products go to worthy causes.
This is one small way we are giving back for the success we have enjoyed over the years. 

Choose from our Exploring Nova Scotia calendar, photo prints or digital photos for your desktop.

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My 2022 Exploring Nova Scotia calendars are about to be printed. Most of the profits from this run will go to the Cycleability Challenge and are $20 with tax included.
Shipping will be extra if I cannot deliver them to a metro Halifax - Dartmouth location. 
To learn more about the Cycleability Challange, go to